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MRI Network of Lansing, Michigan, is a leading provider of full-service staffing solutions to a broad range of clients throughout the US and globally.

We provide a wide range of employment services.

Because there is such a wide variety of test available it is not possible to list them here.  Costs range from $20-$150, with most in the $20-$40 range.  Our administrate fees for administering and proctoring the tests are $35 per hour or any portion thereof.  All tests are scheduled by appointment during normal business hours. 

Overview Comprehensive Search and Recruitment Services

We can assist you with your specific staffing needs in these key areas:

Search and Selection Process. We use a proven, comprehensive strategy to secure the best talent.

Confidentiality. We offer discreet search services to protect your company's confidentiality.

Compatibility Assessment. To avoid costly hiring mistakes we profile our clients and candidates to match needs.

International Staffing. We leverage a global network of over 1000 offices and 5000 recruiters to identify top candidates.

Project Outsourcing. We can create project teams nationwide for large staffing assignments.

Relocation Services. Our innovative relocation services reduce the impediments associated with relocating candidates.Placement Services

Executive Placement. We place top-level, senior-executive candidates with backgrounds matched specifically to key positions using a retained search approach.

Management Placement. We place top performers in critical mid-management positions.

Highly Skilled Professionals. We provide services for the recruitment and placement of key highly-skilled professionals.

Contract Staffing. Interim staffing is no longer just an alternative to regular staffing—it's a strategy for growth. To meet the interim staffing needs of our clients, we place qualified interim professionals in mid- to senior-level positions.Types of Positions Filled

We focus on identifying, evaluating and presenting top candidates for your staffing needs in the following industries: Food Processing, Construction, Manufacturing, Banking, Office Professionals and Support.

Engaging Us

Our flexible options include:

Retained Searches. We recommend this option when seeking to fill your most crucial executive and management positions as well as for all staffing levels where time is a critical factor. As part of our retained search services, we create and execute a search strategy tailored to your specific requirements.

Priority Search. Our Priority Search service is a cost-effective method of guaranteeing our concerted effort to fill multiple openings or hard-to-fill positions. This is ideal for a fast-growing company that has aggressive hiring plans.

Contingency Searches. Our contingency search service is designed for companies that do not want a devoted effort, but want to see qualified candidates with whom we are currently working.